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PartsSystems Blog

Archive for the ‘Product Info’ Category

What to Look for in a Hose Clamp

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Choosing the right hose clamp is an important decision due to the critical nature of most hose clamp applications.  At PartsSystems our goal is to sell the highest quality products for the transportation and manufacturing industries.  In deciding what brand of hose clamps to represent, we looked at several factors. 

• The most important factor is Quality.  In most applications a hose clamp is going to be used on a critical function where failure would be costly both in dollars and time.  By choosing the best made hose clamp on the market, you are doing all that you can to ensure longevity.

• Features and styles.  There are many uses for clamps and each one requires a specific type.  Sometimes a regular duty clamp is perfect, other times you need a high torque clamp or even a T-Bolt clamp for your application.

 • Price! 

•Lead time.  Lead time from most clamp manufacturers can be 12 weeks or longer, especially for special orders.

• What are the OEMs using? 

With Breeze Clamps quality is exactly what you get.  These American made clamps are a little different than most clamps.  For example, the band perforations for the screw on Breeze worm gear clamps are not just transverse (rectangles cut into the band on worm screw clamps) like lesser quality clamps; instead they are arcial (slightly turned ovals) which offers more metal between each perforation for added torque strength.  This is just one example of the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into each and every Breeze Clamp.

Breeze has a full line of clamps and many different versions of the same clamp depending on what grade of stainless steel you need.  From miniature hose clamps to t-bolt clamps, to constant-torque hose clamps, Breeze has you covered.

Breeze has been manufacturing clamps for over 60 years, they have the processes fine tuned to keep costs down and be as competitive as possible against the lesser quality imports.

Breeze has the shortest lead times in the industry with lead times 6 weeks faster than the competition and sometimes even better than that!

Every heavy duty truck that is built in America has Breeze clamps on it.  Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack, Volvo, and International all use Breeze clamps in the manufacturing of their trucks.  Breeze is the leader in clamping technology.

For these reasons we choose Breeze clamps and think you should too.  View our entire line of Breeze Hose Clamps.

 – Contributed by our resident hose clamp expert, Wayne Trosino.

LED Truck Lighting vs. Incandescent Truck Lighting

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

leds1The lights on trucks and work vehicles take a lot of abuse.  They are exposed to the elements and are subject to heavy vibration from bad roads.  It’s not unusual for truck lights to crack and break or for the lights to burn out.  The adoption of LED truck lights can help to significantly reduce these causes of light failure.  Incandescent truck lighting is quickly becoming a thing of the past and is being replaced by far more efficient LED truck lights. 

LEDs draw about 1/10 the power of standard lighting which means less fuel burned and less draw on the electrical system.  Incandescent lights waste 95% of their current draw generating heat, whereas LEDs generate very little heat. 

One of the factors leading to LEDs growing popularity is their long life.  LEDs last about 10 times as long as incandescent bulbs with a 100,000 hour rated life (or about 10 years).  This is because they run much cooler, do not fail due to heat buildup and are less susceptible to vibration.

LED Lights are going to cost you more initially than incandescent lighting.  However the 10 year warranty along with lower maintenance, repair and replacement can make this investment well worth it.  Not to mention the long list of performance benefits of LED truck lights. 

 LED truck lights can also improve safety out on the road. According to an E-Roadstar article by Bette  Garber published in 2006, Incandescent lights take 2/10 of a second to reach 95% of full brightness.  LEDs produce 100% brightness instantly.  A vehicle following a truck with LED lights will see the brakes come on 2/10 of a second faster and so can respond that much faster, equating to 18-20 feet improved stopping distance.  LED truck lights also produce a more intense light than incandescent lamps, making your truck more noticeable to other motorists.

Owner-operators have been some of the quickest adapters to LED lights because they can trick their truck out with a lot of lights while still maintaining a low current draw.  One of the hot new products in LED Lighting is white/colorless LED cargo lights to light interior spaces.  We gave a couple to a local repairman who installed them in his work vehicle.  Here is what he had to say:  “These lights are so bright and provide such thorough light I even use them during the day. All this while not having to worry about running my battery dead. “

At PartsSystems we offer a full range of Maxxima LED truck lights for all your needs, from Stop/Tail/Turn Lighting to Clearance lights, to work lights and interior lighting.  Give us a call if you have any questions about your LED lighting application.

New Maxxima LED Lights Added

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

PartsSystems is now stocking some new Maxxima products.  Feel free to take a look:

3/4″ Combination Clearance Marker Light

2-1/2″ Round White Interior Courtesy Light

5-1/2″ White LED Dome Light

Rectangular Heavy Duty Work Light

3 LED Projector Light

4″ Round Surface Mount Back Up Light

7″ Back Up Bus Light


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